Frequently Asked Questions

We are moving into a time where our customers are starting to want to understand and learn more about the source of their food, so we get asked a lot of questions!

Here are a selection of the most common questions our customers ask, both about our products and the service we provide.

Our Meats

Is your meat organic?

No, however our meat is all sourced either locally or at least from within the UK, from farms which allow their livestock to grow naturally, allowed to graze on lush Devon pasture with NO use of growth hormone, GMO supplements in feeds or routine use of antibiotics.

Whilst we do believe in the organic ethos here, we do have some issues with the some of the legislation and rules regarding officially organic certified meat produce. For example, you may expect “Organic Beef” in the supermarket to only have been fed grass and to NOT be factory farmed, but this may not necessarily be the case.

In our opinion if you are looking for the very best meat produce, when it comes to Beef it’s Grass-Finished, Pork should be Outdoor Bred & Reared and Chicken should be Free-Range and kept in small flocks.

We need to remember that once upon a time all our food was “organic” and these new food standard “labels” have only come into existence since questionable practices to cut corners have evolved out of factory farming.

Is your meat free range?

Yes, we sell Free-Range Chicken, Pork, Beef, Lamb and other poultry. The farms we source our meat from allow their animals to live naturally, eating mainly grass and supplemented only with NON-GMO feed when necessary. We also make sure that none of our meats are reared with use of growth hormones or routine use of antibiotics.

Do you add preservatives to any of your products?

We keep everything as nature intended – even our cooked meats are cooked in house, and we do not use any sodium-nitrate sprays (or other nasty things) as you might find in the majority of cooked meats in your average supermarket.

What’s in your sausages?

We make all our sausages and burgers right here in house daily using only quality cuts of Devon Pork, Lamb And Beef – so you won’t find anything nasty in our bangers!  We also stock an interesting range of our speciality recipe sausages and burgers in our freezer for you to try.

How does the meat come to you?

We are a true artisan butcher, so all our meat arrives with us as either whole or as a half carcass.  We do not like to buy in ready cut meat to sell to our customers. This enables us to maintain the consistent quality of our produce.

Where do you get your meat from?

Beef: Our beef all comes from Croft Farm, in Clovelly where our farmer Piers Langdon rears us our grass-fed Clovelly Longhorn Cattle. The Cows live in an idyllic location on the coast with access to lush Devon pasture. These cows are finished on grass not grain, there is no use of growth hormone promoter and this shows in the quality of the meat. Piers is passionate about his herd and we can go to visit the farm anytime we want to.

Pork:  Our Local Outdoor Reared & Bred Pork is supplied by Adam & Stacy James from their farm near Bradworthy. They keep & Breed 3 types of traditional pig and they have access to natural woodlands 100% of the time with traditional shelters and deep straw beds. We can proudly say this range represents some of the most ethical pork available in Devon

Our regular range of pork is supplied by Cornish Farmhouse, an ethical company who manage the entire process themselves, from rearing the pigs to processing and wholesale retailing. We find their pork to be consistently good and reasonably priced.

Lamb: We use several local suppliers and farms for our Lamb, They are all reared outdoors to traditional farming methods and grazed on lush Devon pasture.

Chicken:  All of our local Free-Range Chickens are supplied by our poultry Farmer Chris at Beechcroft Farm in Somerset who is passionate about providing his flock with a stress free life right to the very end, ensuring that you receive the highest quality of meat, produced to the highest of welfare standards.

Our regular British Chicken comes only from UK Farms that comply with, and in many instances exceed the standards set by the Red Tractor Farm Assurance Poultry Scheme. This Chicken tastes great and represent the best value for money available. 

Our Services

Can I buy online?

You certainly can!  We think it important that people can source high quality, fresh meat at the time it suits them.  This is why we offer a full online order and home delivery service to the North Devon area.  If you like, you can always pick up your online order from our shop, or from a collection point.

Do you deliver?

Yes we do!  We believe it should be easy to purchase your fresh meat from your local butcher, so we offer a home delivery service to North Devon.

When will I recieve my order?

You get to choose the delivery date and slot, so you can choose the best time and date to suit you.  No need to wait in all day for your delivery to arrive!  We offer daytime and evening time slots, or you can choose to collect your order from the shop.

How long have you been in operation?

Hirons & Sons have been a family butcher for over 126 years!  You can read all about us and our philosophy here.

Do you sell other products as well as meat?

Yes!  We have a well stocked deli counter where we sell our home cooked meats, locally produced award winning pastries and pies from local producers- Wessex Pantry, as well as locally produced cheese from Parkham Cheddar.  We also stock a wide range of sauces and condiments that do not contain artificial preservatives or ingredients and we will be adding to this range of artificial-preservative free products in the future!