Quality fresh meat to buy online…

We care about the origin of our produce. We source all of our meat from local suppliers, and work closely with ethical local farmers, We buy in whole or half carccases, take the animal apart with care and use every piece…..…..just the way it should be.

We feel that buying in this way is the only way to guarantee the consistent quality of our meat. Animals that have been reared properly with care and respect produce a better quality, better tasting product, it’s as simple as that.

Buying whole carcasses also allows us to get a good idea of the conditions the animals were brought up in, we personally prefer to work closely with our farmers and draw on our experience to ensure the quality of our produce rather than solely relying on a label from one of the increasing myriad of welfare assurance schemes. As any animal kept in squalid or cramped conditions will show sores and bruises we check the skin for blemishes, we check the muscle tone to see that the animal has led an active life and check fat content to asses the sort of diet fed to the animal.

There are a few products that we cannot source from Devon farms at all times throughout the year but we maintain a policy of buying British & Local wherever possible. However all of our Beef, Pork and Lamb is always sourced from Devon farms. We strive to offer the best possible quality for our customers and all of our produce comes from farms that at a minimum, comply with the red tractor farm assurance scheme, meaning that all of our produce surpasses the legal guidelines set out for animal welfare and farming practises.